Boilers are irreplaceable heating equipment for a country house, a cottage, and now more and more often for apartment buildings. Wall mounted gas boilers are suitable for installation in apartments and houses where there is a centralized gas supply. Hot water boilers are used only for the purpose of quick and constant heating of water for domestic needs. Double-circuit gas boilers perform two functions: they heat the room and heat the water. All of them are adapted to the parameters and standards of domestic gas supply systems. When the gas pressure drops in the system, the automatic system is triggered to shut off the boiler and block the gas leak. All technical parts are precision welded and the body is made of steel and cast iron. It should be noted that these well-known companies produce technically advanced electric boilers, as well as diesel and solid fuel boilers. The electric boiler is the easiest to use and the most environmentally friendly device. It is used in multi-storey buildings where it is forbidden to install a boiler that runs on gas and diesel fuel.

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