Floor convectors Polvax

Floor convectors Polvax

Water floor convectors TM POLVAX are designed for heating, and in some models for cooling rooms. They can be used both independently and combined with other heating products.

Today the POLVAX-Ukraine Ltd company produces 10 groups of convectors:

1. Floor convectors of natural convection.

2. Floor decorative convectors of natural convection - benches made of natural wood.

3. Wall mounted convectors of natural convection.

4. Plinth convectors for forced convection (for walls and steps).

5. Window sill convectors of forced convection (installation under the window sill).

6. Floor convectors for dry rooms, natural and forced convection.

7. Floor convectors for humid rooms, natural and forced convection

(pool, bathroom, greenhouse).

8. Floor convectors of forced convection of increased heating capacity Plus.

9. Energy-saving floor convectors of forced convection Premium.

10. Exclusive models of convectors according to individual sketches: corner, radius, combined,

non-standard dimensions and configurations.

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